Arts Council Funding Agreement

For grants managed by Grantium, a copy of the terms and conditions is attached to your letter of offer or financing agreement through the system. For grants awarded under our current system, you will receive a copy of the terms and conditions with your offer or a paper financing contract. The conditions that are met with each letter of offer or funding agreement we make establish the legal relationship between the Arts Council and the people who receive our scholarships. They also apply to grants from our investment funds and through the development of your creative practices. Grants granted through other programs may be subject to other conditions – a copy of the terms and conditions is attached to your letter of offer or grantium funding agreement. There are a number of documents with different terms and conditions that we use. The version of your grant depends on the grant program you have awarded and the date your grant was awarded. If you need a copy of the terms and conditions applicable to your grant, please contact us. Emergency funds: The following general conditions for grants apply to grants granted from April 2020 through our emergency funds for individuals and organizations outside the national portfolio. October 11, 2020: Grant applications until 5 p.m.

November 1, 2020: beneficiaries from November 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021: projects are available on November 1, 2020. June 2021: Final reports until 5 p.m. Works by Nathan Horst, CI Spring 2016 Stock Exchange Again filming Repeater, a film from 2013-2014 CI Lurid Pictures Scholarship January 2021: Published by Grant Session Free TBD: Free Grant Info Session , 2021: Grant applications due before 17:00 April 1021: fellows are informed from April 1 to October 31, 2021 Projects were scheduled to take place November 1, 2021: closing reports due at 5 p.m. Grants are paid in two installments. The first payment (75% of the award-winning funds) is made after receipt of the signed grant form, which is made available to beneficiaries with the letter of bonuses. The second payment (25% of the funds granted) is made on the basis of a refund after the Arts Council of the Valley approves the final financial report. Diversity and Equal OpportunityYou must follow good practice in this area by referring to the Equality and Human Rights Commission and any other relevant organisation. If you need a copy of a trade policy in another format or if you would like a copy of the standard terms of the grants granted before May 1, 2016, please contact us. Protection: Protecting Children, Adolescents and Vulnerable AdultsEenothe our guidelines for the protection of children, adolescents and vulnerable adults.

The final presentation of the Inside Out Playback Theatre, supported by an CI scholarship in the spring of 2016 In addition to the standard conditions for scholarships, those receiving Arts Council scholarships must also meet all liabilities set out in the legally binding guidelines on subsidized activity grants. Grant applications should be submitted electronically and received by ACV no later than the day of the end of the cycle. Applications received after the deadline has expired are not considered. Full guidelines can be provided in grant applications. The following terms and conditions for grants (July 2020) apply to grants granted from July 22, 2020 for grants to national lottery projects.