Citrix Data Processing Agreement

As above, Jostle provides tools for certain administrators to extract and provide information in a person`s profile. A person himself can download any files or other information they have added to their personal profiles. Once again, Jostle examines data and content outside of a person`s profile in the property of the organization and not on the person and therefore offers no automated ability to extract that content per person. EU legislation regulates the transfer of personal data from the EU to third countries (EEA) (EU countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The EU has introduced a number of standard contractual clauses (non-negotiable EU clauses) that can be included in agreements between processing managers and subcontractors established outside the EU or EEA, to ensure that all personal data leaving the EEA is transferred in accordance with EU law, including the RGPD. Our mission at Citrix is to protect our customers` applications and data. As a trusted partner for the world`s largest companies, Citrix takes the management and protection of sensitive business information very seriously. To support your compliance with the RGPD, we have updated our security and privacy requirements and incorporated them into our terms of use. The updated conditions include a detailed description of the security checks used in Citrix services and the data processing terms corresponding to the applicable sections of the RGPD.

The citrix conditions are designed to meet the requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD, under which data processing activities must be contractual and provide more specific information on how Citrix provides its services. There is no quick correction of compliance. First, you should determine (if you haven`t done so yet) how the RGPD applies to your organisation and how it uses EU personal data. You may need to sign data processing agreements with your data publishers and you may need to carefully review the security of your computer systems and processing operations. Citrix`s RGPD resource kit can be useful for your RGPD preparation efforts. Jostle has policies and procedures for managing security incidents, which involve the obligation to notify customers immediately after learning of a data breach. If you have any questions about our data protection program and/or compliance with the RGPD, please visit the FAQ online or contact To learn more about our solutions and how to help our customers stay safe and compliant, visit The RGPD is based on the privacy policy; However, it also strengthens existing legislation on certain issues, including notification of infringements, increased fines for non-compliance and data loss, and individual control over the processing of personal data.

Citrix is committed to protecting the personal data you share with us.