Center for Highway Pavement Preservation

MISSION: The establishment of CHPP is consistent with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s strategic goal of “State of Good Repair”. The mission of CHPP is aimed at providing a new platform for accelerating innovation in highway pavement preservation. The center will assist in meeting the increasing demand for highway pavement preservation research and will further the goal of increasing the reliability and performance of the nation’s highways.

1. Deliver implementable research
2. Transfer research results
3. Increase training in pavement preservation
4. Gain greater professional interest and involvement in pavement preservation
5. Improve the diversity of pavement practitioners in the workforce and professional programs
6. Recruit and educate transportation professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in highway infrastructure preservation

Outreach Mission

A continuing challenge to meet future transportation needs is clearly human resources. Encouraging the best and brightest to pursue degrees in transportation-related engineering disciplines is a big priority of the Center. This task is focused on showcasing the challenges, opportunities, and most importantly, the rewards of pursuing a college degree in a transportation-related area.

Metro Detroit Youth Day 2014

MSU Design Day 2014