CHPP – Final List of Research Projects

Problem Statement Title
1 Pavement Surface Characterization for Optimization of Trade-off between Grip and Rolling Resistance 
2 Feasibility of Early Damage Detection Using Surface Mounted Sensors on Existing Pavements
3 Feasibility of Developing a Chemical Sensor for Asphalt Aging
4 Development of an Acceptance Test for Chip Seal Projects
5 Environmental and Functional Benefits and Trade-offs of Hot In-Place Recycling Treatment Techniques
6 Mechanistic Characterization of Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Preservation using Finite Element Modeling Approach
7 Multi-functional Concrete Pavement Inlays
8 Designing Quieter Pavement Surfaces
9 Evaluation of Pavement Surface Micro – and Macro – Texture
10 Determination of Field Performance of Thin Overlays Relative to Alternative Preservation Techniques
11 Quantification of Surface Micro- and Macro-Texture
12 Development of Objective Methods for Determining Damage Accumulation in Pavements Prior to Visual Distress Becoming Apparent
13 Developing a Test Method to Investigate Water Susceptibility of Joint and Crack Sealants
14 Performance Monitoring of Preservation Treatments in Honolulu
15 Incorporation of Pavement Preservation Treatments in Pavement-ME Analysis and Design
16 Investigation of the Relationship between Fuel Consumption, Dynamic Load, and Roughness of Pavement Preservation Treatments
17 Estimation of the Rolling Resistance performance of a pavement in view of the roughness profile
18 Remote Detection and Characterization of Field Aging of Asphalt Pavements
19 Establishing Percent Embedment Limits to Improve Chip Seal Performance
20 Development of a Preservation Sustainability Framework and Tool
21 Development of a Low-Cost Conductive Measurement Technique to Augment Objective Methods for Damage Detection in Concrete Pavements
22 Investigating Merits of Bio-Rejuvenation to Extend Pavement Service Life
23 Simple Fatigue Test for Thin Overlays
24 Optimizing the Relationship between Friction and Noise of Preservation Treatments
25 Segmentation of Highway Networks for Maintenance Operations
26 Geosynthetic-reinforced Overlays as Preventive Maintenance Strategy