CHPP – Final List of Research Projects

Problem Statement Title
1 Pavement Surface Characterization for Optimization of Trade-off between Grip and Rolling Resistance 
2 Feasibility of Early Damage Detection Using Surface Mounted Sensors on Existing Pavements
3 Feasibility of Developing a Chemical Sensor for Asphalt Aging
4 Development of an Acceptance Test for Chip Seal Projects
5 Environmental and Functional Benefits and Trade-offs of Hot In-Place Recycling Treatment Techniques
6 Mechanistic Characterization of Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Preservation using Finite Element Modeling Approach
7 Multi-functional Concrete Pavement Inlays
8 Designing Quieter Pavement Surfaces
9 Evaluation of Pavement Surface Micro – and Macro – Texture
10 Determination of Field Performance of Thin Overlays Relative to Alternative Preservation Techniques
11 Quantification of Surface Micro- and Macro-Texture
12 Development of Objective Methods for Determining Damage Accumulation in Pavements Prior to Visual Distress Becoming Apparent
13 Developing a Test Method to Investigate Water Susceptibility of Joint and Crack Sealants
14 Performance Monitoring of Preservation Treatments in Honolulu