MSU High School Engineering Institute

Three sessions for High School Engineering Institute were conducted on June 23, June 30, and July 14, 2015 at Michigan State University. Each session involved forty three (43) international and domestic high school students. The program was designed to give in-depth experiences in civil engineering majors. The CHPP focus was to convince these students to pursue a college degree in a transportation-related area. Students spent a half day with an engineering faculty member, graduate and undergraduate students, and participated in short lectures, demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team-based problem solving, and tours. Participating students worked on projects such as:

  • Building a sample of asphalt pavement cross-section using crumb rubber (Road in a box),
  • Using smart materials (piezoelectric sensors) to generate voltage as a measure of deflection,
  • Measuring the permeability of different pavement materials (Sand and clay).


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